Discover. Act. Succeed

When an entrepreneurial scientist, a goal-oriented business developer and a structured financial analyst put their heads together, great things will happen.

We have found a way to identify and compare well-known personality and behavioural traits from a DNA test. By adding elements such as muscle type, metabolism, endurance potential, biorhythm, behavior and recovery needs, we have the base for a unique fitness service; In March 2016, CelFIT AB was born.

Using a combination of Psychology - to find how to get you motivated, Biology - to identify important elements in personalized training and diet, and Technology - to make all this available and easy to use, we will help people trying to get in better shape to DISCOVER themselves, ACT on personalized advice and SUCCEED on their own terms.

The CelFIT team is multi-cultural, dynamic, driven and experienced, with extensive knowledge and experience in Genetics, Business development, Sales, Financials and Nutrition science.

We are developing our Beta service, you want to help out?

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